Using Megavideo Is it Legal?
When something wonderful, such as video sharing, is offered online for free, eyebrows will start to lift. Is it legal? Such question will certainly arise, especially with megavideo, a free video sharing site that has premium account for downloading privileges. However, it is just not because of the ‘’free” services that megavideo offers that illicit the question of legality. It is the founder of the megaupload, also the founder of megavideo that brought about this question.
The founder of megavideo and all its associated sites is Kim Schmitz, a German entrepreneur who has gained quite a notorious past for his computer criminal activities such as embezzlement and fraud. He was sentenced to 2 years probationary sentence. And even as the owner of Megaupload, Schmitz was sued for alleged copyright infringement and Megaupload is one of the sites that were listed by RIA (Recording Industry Association) of America that profited from piracy. This is why the legality of megavideo is put into spotlight. How legal is this site? Would this be another site that will probably get recalled for being illegal?
Megavideo might sound fishy as it would limit your watching time for free in 78 minutes and the rest you have to pay to be able to watch in full. However, megavideo is not the only site that did this kind of strategy. Infomercial sites used this kind of tactic too. The thing is that these videos can be found in the internet for free. Plus it gets a little bit scary when sites asks for credit card information that is why checking for megavideo legitimacy always arises as it asks for credit card information as well.
The fact is megavideo is legit. It is legitimate in many reasons. First, it is a company not based in US (megaupload is based on Hongkong so it maybe suffice to say that megaupload is base there as well) that answers to different set of rules. Second, the reason why users need to pay for download or for watching the videos on site is legit. Whatever you pay for the site, you are paying for the badwidth and the service it has done for searching the videos for you. And if the question of paying for downloading a free video arise, just think of the time you save to search for it yourself in the internet.
Megavideo is a legitimate site. How users download, upload and use the movies is another matter where its legality cannot be defined for the present rules concerning internet download and upload.