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What’s the deal with Megavideo?

The much loved file sharing website and have recently been shut down by the FBI. The domains Megavideo, Megapix, Megalive, Megabox, and Megaporn were seized and the sites have been shut down by the U.S. justice Department on the 19th of January 2012 following arrests of the owners for copyright infringement. The case has yet to go to trial. Seven individuals have officially been charged. The press release alleges that Megavideo and Megaupload was a criminal enterprise run by a man previously called Kim Dotcom, Kim Schitz, and Kim Tim Jim Vestor. The FBI is referring to the case as ‘The Mega Conspiracy”. More information about alternatives can be found to the right!

Rumor has it that was the new website for megavideo, but that ip has since been taken down.

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Other Alternatives:
File storage with Dropbox is a pretty good alternative allowing you to store files.

Videos on Hulu Most people are familiar with this online video platform.

Movies on Netflix Aside from it’s recent price hike, it’s a great alternative.


What is Megavideo? What is Megaupload?

Megaupload is one of the largest file sharing website on the entire internet. Megavideo is one of the biggest video sharing websites, similar in nature to Youtube. From this week’s controversial SOPA and PIPA, could 2012 mean that there will be more U.S. federal government crack downs on illegal file websites? The estimated cost of Megavideo has been said to be $500 Million worth of damages. Megaupload claims to have made $175 million since being active.

What Happened to Megavideo?

“Early 2011″ – “The FBI contacted New Zealand Police in early 2011 with a request to assist with their investigation into the Mega Conspiracy.” said Detective Inspector Grant Wormald of OFCANZ

28-OCT-2011 – MegaUpload is called a ‘rogue’ site by MPAA.
09-DEC-2011 – MegaUpload releases their own music video some of the same artists as the RIAA artists endorsing MegaUpload.
10-DEC-2011 – UMG didn’t like the video and has it removed from YouTube (Even though MegaUpload had complete copyright to the video).
12-DEC-2011 – MegaUpload files a legal suit against UMG on the grounds that UMG cannot remove the content since MegaUpload holds the copyright to the video.
16-DEC-2011 – UMG says “So what? We can take down whatever we want!” and “You can’t touch us. This isn’t DMCA. We didn’t take it down because of copyright. We took it down because we can.”
21-DEC-2011 -  MegaUpload is then labelled a “rogue” site by the USTR.
28-DEC-2011 – MegaUpload requests an explanation from UMG.
19-JAN-2012 – MegaUpload is shut down by the Feds
20-JAN-2012 – The owner of Megavideo is arrested in New Zealand and since then many other file sharing website have closed their doors.

According to page 25 of the indictment “54. It was further part of the Conspiracy, from at least September 2005 until July 2011, that the Conspiracy provided financial incentives for users to upload infringing copies of popular copyrighted works. The Conspiracy made payments to uploaders who were known to have uploaded infringing copies of copyrighted works.”

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