Megavideo Com Optimal Movie Watching Online
The site’s general information
If you are familiar with the MegaUpload, then you must have heard of the Megavideo. If not, you will come across it online, sooner or later. The site offers free video sharing online that will only require you to join as its member. What is more, you can upload your own video or collect movies or videos that you like and organize it with your account.
What is good with the site is that you have an option to use it for advertising and earn 100% giving a little fee to megavideo for the cost coverage. The site offers a premium membership that allows the user more privileges in video sharing and a lot more.
Features – Download/Upload/watching movie online
You can download movies, documentaries, films, shows and a lot more from megavideo. What is so wonderful with the site is that it has a lot of types of videos to offer. You can start downloading recent movies from theaters right away. And those films or sitcoms that are thought to have lost in time, megavideo have it in their data store for everybody’s pleasure.
Download from megavideo usually is for premium users, but there are a lot of ways to do it for free. One way to download videos from this site is by using the video zilla, a megavideo downloader, to download video from the site for free. All you need to is to run video zilla and play the video from the megavideo. You will then see that video zilla is grabbing the megavideo film or movie or video clips. Click the checkbox beside the title then click the download button then wait for it to finish downloading.
Upload and watching movie
Uploads with megavideo is as easy as one two three. All you need to do is click the upload button. It will direct you to a page where you are going to put some video description like the title, tags, category and additional description. Once it is uploaded, the video will then be included in the My videos page where you can organize your own videos.
Watching the videos from megavideo is very easy. Just click the videos in the navigation bar where arrays of videos are being displayed. If you want to search for a video, just type the title of the video at the search textbox. You will then be presented with another video displays. Just click the video that you want.
Using megavideo is very elementary you won’t get lost with the site’s simplicity. To enjoy the videos more, you can always visit the site and join for free.