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Since the take down and seizure of Megavideo.com, user’s accounts and files are currently not accessible. Whether users be able to log into Megavideo or Megaupload again is unknown at this time. The fact that both illegal and legal files are hosted on the website, and users who were using the site in a completely legal way have been impacted. One can only hope that a solution will be presented by the US Government, though the FBI doesn’t seem very concerned with this kind of collateral damage.


All akoarmymil.com – Army Ako clients who have a Cac are being relocated to Disa’s Enterprise Email and can no more extended access their Ako webmail through username / secret key. It will require 100% Cac use from https://web.mail.mil. Kindly search at this page for backing.

new imageako moves to cutting edge undertaking administrations (3 June 2013)

Is webmail2 stalling while stacking? (Accompany this aide, it might offer assistance)

Substitute fix

You can additionally utilize the “old” webmail

Informative content from the Ako Single Sign On informative data page at: https://ako.us.army.mil/suite/page/83 The necessity for Ako to go 100% Cac is Not their decision. They are almost always commanded by the Cio-G6 (Chief Information Officer -G6) office which is based off of Jtf-Cno Cto 07-015 (Cac needed), Public Key Infrastructure (Pki) Implementation (in particular Task 10).

Provided that you are getting a message that Ako is not believed, you have to overhaul your Dod Certificates

Provided that you have another CAC http://akoarmymil.com/common-access-cards/ [back shows: "Gemalto Top Dl Gx4 144" or "Oberthur Id One 128 v5.5 Dual" at the top above the attractive strip] and are having issues entering Ako Webmail2, redesign your (Activclient 6.1 clients utilize this connection)

Generally Ako access issues might be cured by accompanying these remedies to your Internet Explorer web browser

Watch a movie of these steps

It is safe to say that you are having issues gaining entrance to akoarmymil.com/ako/ now that Microsoft has pushed out Internet Explorer 9 as a basic redesign, and the thoughts above did not offer assistance? Provided that this is true, perused how to uninstall Ie 9 from your Pc.

Remember to shroud the overhaul: Vista, Windows 7, or Xp (film)

I am the substance supplier for Ako’s Cac Reference Center and address messages for Ako. Click connect: http://scr.im/akocac to send message. A portion of the underneath inquiries are asked regularly.

The methodology of enrolling your Cac with Ako was evacuated on 1 May 2011. This additionally means double Cac holders can utilize either issued Cac. Read increasingly about it here.

Inquiry 1: Why would i be able to log into Ako with my Cac?

Answer 1: Follow the direction in this Pdf.

Inquiry 2: When I logon to Ako with my Cac, I see my old Cac declarations (or a larger number of authentications than just my own particular) to browse. How would I clear the old Certificates?

Answer 2: Open Internet Explorer, Select Tools, Internet Options, Content (tab), Certificates (catch). Select the greater part of the Certificates you don’t need, and select the Remove bind. You might need to uproot them independently.

Inquiry 3: When endeavoring to login to Ako; the program closes (slams); appropriate “500 -Internal Server Error” message; returns you to the home screen; or simply doesn’t appear to work.

Answer 3: Follow the direction in this Pdf

Inquiry 4: How would I change my Ako secret word?

Here’s How: Logon to Ako with your Cac (or without Cac for non Cac-Holders). Click on: My Account, Account Settings, Change Password. The rest ought to be simple. Ako does have a self improvement film placed here. You will have Adobe Flash player fixed, and be utilizing Internet Explorer to view. Note I needed to download them, open up Ie, head off to File, open, go to my download area and select the .swf record. It then began to play in my web program.

Note: Please make a special effort to be conscious.. Off and on again when you sort in your new secret word, it will “look” as you didn’t do it right, since it will return to the same page. It would be ideal if you span to the highest point of the page where you will see one line of content that will be green for an efficacious change or red letting you know an excuse for why it didn’t change.

Inquiry 5: Can I utilize Outlook to check my Ako message?

The capacity to check Ako through Imap will lessen in the close future for all work force who have a Cac as we tend to be moved to @mail.mil message.

Ako has their Outlook Connector working with Cac and as of now just works with Outlook 2003 & 2007, (not 2010 or 2013).

Answer 5: Yes you can. Here is the means by which to situated up Ako in Outlook 2007 (with pictures), or AKO Mail Client Outlook 2010 – akoarmymil.com, or whatever viable Pop / Imap message customer. (You can additionally check your message on your Mobile Phone). The guidelines here are for Outlook 2007 or 2010, yet are essentially the same setting for Outlook 2003. This Will Not work for Enterprise Email Answer 5.1: Set up the Ako White Pages in Outlook (Windows) (watch film).

Answer 5.1a: Set up the Dod411 Global Address List. Note: This may be our main choice once we lose our Ako username / secret word (Answer 6.1 above)

Inquiry 6: Can I utilize Thunderbird to check my Ako message?

Answer 6: Yes you can. Here is the way to situated up Ako in Thunderbird

Inquiry 7: Can I choose how my “Friendly name” appears on Ako? An agreeable name case is: Danberry, Michael J Cw3 Mil Usa Usarc.

Answer 7: If you are double record holder (i.e. you are a regular person and a Reservist) you can select which agreeable name is shown inside your Ako webmail.

Log into your Ako/dko record.

Click on the ‘my Account’ tab.

Click on ‘mail Preferences’.

Click on ‘mail Options’.

Put a weigh in the crate named “Reset show name to: [your show name here].

Click on “Submit”

Select your showcase name.

Click on “Submit”

You might likewise visit help.us.army.mil for the official directions.

Inquiry 8: “There is an issue with this site security endorsement” blunder. Your alternatives are recorded as “Click here to close this website page” or “Continue to this site” where it states it is not suggested.

Answer 8: Latest Dod Certificates are required, I have directions where you can download and introduce them here

Inquiry 9: I am gaining the message: “403 Access Forbidden -You don’t have Permission to Access this asset.”

Answer 9.1: Go to: https://www.us.army.mil